Auto Glass Laws in Texas

Let’s face it, flying rocks, vandalism, bad weather, animals, and unforeseen accidents can all happen at any time. When these things present themselves, your vehicle’s windshield is usually impacted, and not in a good way. So, when an unexpected force of nature takes aim at your auto glass what are you supposed to do, and what does the law say?

Texas State Law on Windshields and Auto Glass

In Texas, the state law does not actually mention anything about cracked or chipped windshields or auto glass. However, the state law does say that you should not operate your vehicle if your field of view is obstructed. This is not only referencing cracks in your windshield, but also paper, stickers, or other objects that may be in your windshield blocking your line of sight.


So, by state law it is considered legal if you have a large crack on the passenger’s side of the windshield and the driver can still clearly see. The Texas law follows inline with the federal law surrounding windshield damage and the need for drivers to have an unobstructed field of view when operating an automobile.


Insurance and Free Windshield Replacements

When having to replace your windshield you may want to look at your insurance policy first. In some cases, you may notice a free windshield replacement. A free windshield replacement usually means you can replace the broken or cracked windshield without having to pay an upfront deductible to your insurance provider. This of course will depend on your policy, the insurance company, and your auto coverage. There are many factors at play when it comes to determining the price of a new windshield, and often it’s best to consult with your insurance provider.


Keep in mind that in the state of Texas free windshield replacements are not covered by local law. Also, if you have the minimum required auto insurance policy, a windshield replacement will not be covered by your provider. If you’re insurance does not cover windshields replacements, then you will most likely be paying somewhere between $200 to $600 to have a broken windshield replaced.


To avoid having to pay that cost in the future, you may consider changing your policy. Usually, windshield replacements are covered under comprehensive policies and require a deductible, but again we’d advise you to discuss this with your insurance agent first.


I know the law and have spoken to my insurance company, what’s next?

Now that you know the law and have worked everything out with your insurance agent, you will want to determine if you need to replace your windshield or not. If you aren’t ready to fully replace your windshield you might consider simply repairing chips or cracks for now. Always know that if a chip or crack begins to spread, you will need to replace your windshield to keep you and your passengers safe. Automobile accidents are more likely to occur if you have a cracked windshield.


If you decide that you’re ready to replace your windshield, you will want to locate an auto glass repair business to take care of this for you. There several auto glass shops in and around Houston but you will want to ensure you’re getting quality work from a reputable service provider; get the job done right the first time. If you are in Houston, you might want to consider VIP Glass for a quick and easy quote. VIP Glass replaces windshields on most automobile brands including Ford, GMC, Jeep, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, and more. VIP Glass also offers mobile auto glass replacements and will come to you to fix your windshield.


So, while there might not be any specific laws in Texas about driving with a broken windshield, that doesn’t mean it’s safe. Texas state laws do not offer free windshield replacements, but you can speak with your insurance provider to discuss a comprehensive policy with free windshield replacements and repairs.


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