Often, we can schedule your service for the very next day. To schedule a service appointment, please call us at (281) 807-1488 or contact us at: https://www.vipglass-texas.com/contact-us.

You can update your appointment by calling us at (281) 807-1488 or by sending us an email at info@vipautoglasstx.com.

Often, auto glass repairs can be completed within 30 minutes or even less. Windshield replacements and new auto glass installations can take around 60 minutes and, in many cases, less. With that being said, we do recommend that refrain from driving your vehicle for at least one hour after service is completed.

You can leave your vehicle with us if picking it up during the same day of drop off. If you are wanting to leave your vehicle overnight, please give us a call to discuss options.

We do not actually pick-up vehicles, our technicians will come to you and fix your windshield at it’s location.

For front windshield auto glass replacements, you may drive your vehicle an hour after your windshield replaced. For side windows you can drive your vehicle right after the glass is replaced.


Our auto glass techs use best in class adhesives and materials, which allow a quick one-hour drive wait time for windshield installs. We will let you know if any extra wait time is required.

No, your vehicle will be safe, and you should not experience any damages during a windshield install or rock chip filling. Our technicians follow strict guidelines to ensure your vehicle is protected during our auto glass services.

Yes, we will vacuum any leftover debris from the install and any pieces of broken glass.

Yes, our techs will safely remove the rear-view mirror and reattach it to your brand-new windshield.


Yes, the technician will call you before they arrive, so you are expecting them.

Our technician will attempt to contact you on all phone numbers you provide us. If we cannot reach you after several attempts, we will need to reschedule.

Yes, we will need require the keys to open your vehicle and confirm that all technical parts are fully functional.

Bad weather can make auto glass installations challenging, so we do advice that your vehicle be covered if there is the possibility of rain.

No, you will not need to wait with your vehicle, we do ask that you have your car keys available us while we are fixing your windshield.

Yes, we provide mobile auto glass installations and repairs in Cypress, TX and to surrounding areas.

Yes, we provide mobile auto glass installations and repairs in Katy, TX and to surrounding areas.

Yes, we provide mobile auto glass installations and repairs in Waller, TX and to surrounding areas.

Yes, we provide mobile auto glass installations and repairs in Tomball, TX and to surrounding areas.


If the chip or crack to your windshield is smaller than four inches, we are usually able to repair it. Contact us and we can discuss your options in more detail.

We can usually repair windshield cracks that are smaller than four inches.

Windshield repairs start by cleaning the area and then treating the damage with auto glass repair tools and specialty resins. Often a rock chip can be repaired in less than 30 minutes.

No, there are some cases, although no fault of our auto glass technician, that during the repair process the crack or chip can grow and become bigger. We can guarantee that once the technician has completed the repair successfully, the crack or chip will not spread further and that your repaired windshield will pass the Texas state vehicle inspection.


In the very rare instance that a rock chip or crack becomes bigger during the repair, we will credit the cost of the chip repair either toward a new windshield or, if it is insurance work, credit it back to the insurance company.

No, unfortunately a windshield rock chip or crack repair only prevents further damage to your glass and the repair restores structural integrity to your vehicle. While every instance is different, with most successful repairs, a tiny blemish or small imperfection where the crack or chip was repaired is normal. In many situations, you will see improvements to the cosmetic appearance of the auto glass.

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