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Lane Departure System
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Our professional auto glass technicians have the latest equipment, experience and resources to properly re-calibrate vehicles with windshield mounted cameras. Our custom re-calibration process is able to accommodate any Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) or Lane Keep Assist (LKA) re-calibration. Our experienced auto glass team is happy to help you schedule time to get your windshield replaced and all necessary lane departure warning system calibration re-calibrations completed.

In addition to re-calibration services our office staff can easily help you navigate through the process of making an insurance claim and completing all necessary insurance documents.

Lane Departure Warning System Recalibration Houston TX

Lane Departure Warning System Recalibrations

We offer professional auto glass repair services for semi-truck windshields and door windows to keep you safe while operating your vehicle. Our goal at VIP is to help you stay safe on the road.

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Windshield Recalibrations Houston TX

When replacing auto glass we are primarily focused on the front facing camera which is mounted on the windshield next to the rear view mirror. The front facing camera is used in the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) or Lane Keep Assist (LKA) in equipped vehicles.

What is ADAS Calibration?

The Advanced Driver Assistance System also known as (ADAS) is technology that uses image processing cameras, radar, light detection and ranging, ultrasound, lasers, heat, and other sensors to monitor a vehicles surroundings and then detect potentially dangerous situations. This system is designed to increase safety by using advanced situational awareness and to reduce the possibility of collisions. Usually ADAS sensors are located in the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, vehicle cab and within the windshield glass, which is why you need a provider who can properly handle windshield recalibrations.

ADAS calibration price depends on many factors. Manufacturers of vehicles with these systems will require re-calibration of the front facing camera when replacing their windshield. When the windshield is removed and then replaced the new sensor and layout might not be in the exact same position as the original, therefore the camera mounted to the windshield may not be in the exact same position. This is why a recalibration is required.

VIP Glass provides the most reliable ADAS Recalibration services in Northwest Houston and surrounding areas. We provide a wide range of services including Windshield & Mirror Recalibration, Camera Calibration, Lane Departure Warning System Calibration, Advanced Driver Assist Systems, and much more.

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