Northwest Houston Windshield Damages... It's Bound to Happen

Should I repair or replace
my Windshield?

As I'm sure you're aware from living in the local area, Houston auto glass damage is a very common occurrence. Many of us live outside of the city limits, but regardless a chipped windshield isn't something you can 100% avoid. For example in Katy, Texas or Tomball you might be able to avoid a major highway from time to time, but then you're presented with back roads which fling up loose gravel. So it's either traffic and construction, or loose gravel...either way all options invite rock chips and cracked windshields.

The good news is that in many cases you can salvage your vehicles windshield by proactively repairing smaller chips or cracks, these can be sealed by a windshield repair professional at a much lower fee than what a full windshield replacement would cost. So is it better to repair or replace a windshield in Houston auto glass damage?

We all know what it’s like to have that tiny chip suddenly sprout. How many of you have been sitting in your car on a freezing cold day and quickly turned up the heat, forgetting about that hairline crack or chip on your windshield? As soon as the vehicle gets nice and warm that once small chip begins growing and taking a life of its own right across your windshield.

The windshield serves as an important structural element in vehicles and it contributes to the overall strength of your automobile, per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Therefore, we must take the time to repair chips before they evolve and ultimately cause safety concerns. At VIP Glass, we offer best car window repair and replacement services in Houston and surrounding areas.

A simple chip repair works by injecting a specialized resin into the area that is chipped or cracked. In some cases, holes may be drilled at the ends of the crack to assist with spill prevention; these holes are not drilled all the way through the glass but just enough to assist in filling the layers in conjunction with your windshield.

If you drive a vehicle regularly throughout Northwest Houston or Houston in general, a rock chip is bound to eventually happen. Even if you only travel in and around Cypress, Waller or Jersey Village Texas, a cracked windshield is still something you will encounter. So, if you can get that pesky chip repaired before you must replace the entire windshield.

However, if your windshield meets one or more of the four points listed above give VIP Auto Glass a call. We will repair or replace windshield anywhere in Houston. We are available to travel to you, we are located in Cypress, TX and proudly offer affordable auto glass and windshield repair services in Katy, Waller, Cypress, Jersey Village, Tomball and other surrounding areas.

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It is time to replace your windshield…

Below are a few key questions to consider when determining if your windshield can be repaired or should be replaced.

Is the crack or chip in your windshield located in a vulnerable spot?

If the rock chip or crack is directly located in the driver’s line of sight you might need to replace your windshield.

How large is the crack or chip in your windshield?

If the crack or chip in your windshield is located in the corner or near the edge of the auto glass it might need be replaced.

How many cracks are present in your windshield?

If your windshield possesses more than three cracks or chips within the auto glass, it's best to have a new windshield installed.

How old is your windshield?

If your auto glass is old and outdated and if it’s covered with tiny chip marks throughout then you will want to consider a new windshield installation.

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